Vtech My Laptop £7.99 @ Amazon

Vtech My Laptop £7.99 @ Amazon

A couple of weeks ago I told you that Argos were selling these very same Vtech My Laptop little laptops for £7.99, BUT they were only available in-store.  If your local Argos didn't have any stock, and you were disappointed, then you can cheer up now because Amazon have reduced their price down from £16.99 to £7.99 too.

Computers haven't been the reserve of adults working in offices for goodness knows how many years - your child(ren) will be using them the moment they get to school, so they might as well get a little head start now with something like one of these Vtech My Laptops.

Your young Bill Gates will learn early computer skills, age-appropriate curriculum, including phonics, numbers, logic and all sorts of other things like pattern recognition.  The mouse isn't right-hand biased either, so if you have a little' lefty' they won't find it awkward.

The only downside to this Vtech My Laptop - and I don't understand this at all - is that it doesn't come with a mains adapter! WHY would Vtech do that?  I can't find reference to a mains-power option anywhere so you're going to need 3AA batteries, and plenty of them - rechargeables are definitely going to be the way to go.

All of the usual Amazon delivery options are at your disposal - free if you're happy to wait for a few days, or a few extra of your hard-earned pounds if you want/need it a little quicker.

Thanks to sarahmm (who's not me!) at HUKD


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