Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera £31.95 @ Amazon

24 February 2011

vtechKidizoomCamera I love kids camera deals. I particularly love this Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera deal – it’s yours for £31.95 from Amazon, instead of £50.

We all know that technology comes down in price but this really makes me laugh – this Vtech Kidizoom Plus camera has 2 mega pixels and will only set you back £31.95.

My very first digital camera had 2.2 mega pixels and cost me over £250!  Ok, so that was 11 years ago, but even so I'm beginning to feel a bit ripped off now all these years on.

Not only does the Vtech Kidizoom come with all those pixels, it also has enough storage for up to 500 images and can shoot short videos too.

It has easy to use controls,  a viewfinder, in-built flash and a high-resolution colour LCD screen, so your young Mario Testino (google him if you don’t know who he is) can frame their shot before they take it.

The Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera can link to your TV or PC, so you can see and edit your shots or watch your videos.

If that’s not enough for you, it has in-built games that can be played on-the-move or through the TV, and has interchangeable faceplates thrown in for good measure.

The Vtech Kidizoom is rugged and tough and is an ACE pressie for any budding photographer – I’m very impressed with its spec’.

Now, Amazon have only reduced the BLUE version of the Vtech Kidizoom Plus Camera, if you want a PINK one and don't mind paying two pence more then *looks around furtively* go over to Tescos - shhhh!

Thanks to pavan.raut at HUKD

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