VTech Baby Moosical Beads £5.50 Was £10 @ Amazon

VTech Baby Moosical Beads £5.50 Was £10 @ Amazon

VTech Baby Moosical Beads

This cute cuddly cow from VTech is on special offer at Amazon right now, reduced from £10.99 to £5.50.

If you spend £10 in total or indeed if you're a Prime customer then delivery will also be free.

I know lots of parents love VTech toys for their educational qualities. This particular item is a soft fabric cow featuring plastic rings that are easy for little fingers to grab, plus two light-up push buttons to encourage interaction. The spinning block introduces concepts of day and night, so maybe it'll even help your little one grant you a bit more shut-eye at night!

Other learning concepts include A-B-C, 1-2-3, shapes, and colours, and it's billed as helping developing brains to get to grips with cause and effect, at the same time as helping motor skills.

The reviews are very positive, but apparently you'll be singing about playing with bovines until... well, the cows come home. On top of all that it's seriously cute, too!

With thanks to jamalhc @HUKD


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