Village Green Products Children's Toys: 10% Off And Free Delivery

11 November 2010

Village Green Products Use this code to get 10% off Village Green Products children's toys. The site is also offering free standard delivery until the end of November.

Click here for 10% off and free delivery on Village Green Products children's toys

  • Discount: 10% and free delivery
  • Minimum spend: £5
  • Promotional code: X10
  • Expires: 30th November 2010

To use this code, you first need to either log in or, if you're new to the site, register. This doesn't take too long. Note that you don't have to sign up to the newsletter to be able to use the code. When you've bought your items, got to the Your Basket page. Enter the code here. It will tell you if the code has not been accepted. If it does work though, you won't see anything except a note that the deduction will appear when you go through checkout.

You should see the discount on the confirmation page of the checkout process. Delivery is free on all orders over £5 until the end of the month.

I've just spent a good hour browsing through all the toys on this site. There's some really delightful products in here, worth keeping in mind for Christmas. I liked the Living Twig Insect Kit, and the cardboard playhouses looked like fun!

Thanks to Radishcat at HUKD!

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  • Runka
    This is nice blog. Organic products is becoming essential need for people nowadays as they are very beneficial for environment. Delivering these products at home is really nice idea.

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