URGENT RECALL: Spiderman Light Up Fancy Dress from Asda

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If your children have a Spiderman Dressing Up Outfit with a light up chest piece that has been bought from Asda then you need to stop using it immediately and return it to the store. There has been a safety recall on the outfits that have been for sale very recently in the World Book Day promotion and before that.

It has been reported by ITV News that the recall follows an investigation into a customer complaint that the detachable chest piece with the battery pack in appeared to "blow up and flew across the room". It has been found that the batteries are incorrect and customers are advised to return the costume to stores for a full refund.

An Asda spokesperson said:

 Asda George has issued a recall of its Spiderman light-up dress-up costume. The wrong batteries have been included inside the costume's removable light-up unit resulting in a potential safety issue.

The care and safety of our customers is our number one priority, which is why we have taken the precautionary decision to recall the product based on the outcome of our investigation."

No other versions of the Spiderman Dress Up costume are affected, only the one detailed above, so please make sure that you check which one your children have to avoid any potential accidents.

Rather worryingly it is still for sale on the Asda George website as well, though we hope that will soon be rectified.

If further information becomes available we will keep you updated.

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  • Cheryllewis
    I sincerely hope this is a joke as I reprimanded my son as it was fizzing saing he had wet it or been mauling with it and binned it.. furious
  • zuhal
    what about iron man costumes with same light up chest piece?
  • Sezza8888
    What about the ironman costumes? They also have light up chest pieces. I got it from asda and now concerned ! Please help
  • hdooley
    We hav an iron man one from asda that never worked but shud light up r these ok???
  • Sharpem1971
    plz have you code for this
  • yerbuanotrow
    Asda Went Downhill In my Eyes When Taken over by Walmart..All They think about is Profit...
  • Brenten
    That's what you get when ASDA buys cheap Chinese crap... buy everything offline from now on and avoid the big 4 as they pull this kind of stunt annually.. they clearly don't check their product and are just after the profits.

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