Up To Half Price Toys @ Argos

Up To Half Price Toys @ Argos

There's some serious competition going on between the retailers when it comes to toys. I am glad there is because they should be fighting for our hard-earned cash. Argos are offering up to half price off selected toys, so you can tick a few presents off of your list.

Here are our top picks:

You can Reserve and Collect your toy bargains for FREE from an Argos store near you or pay £3.95 to have them delivered to your front door.


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  • Sarah P.

    , just had a look and there's a few paw patrol Toys! X

    • Rachel M.

      Perfect. Literally just been looking online for paw patrol stuff. It's all so expensive :thumbsdown:

    • Denise M.

      Argos put the original prices up before this "half price sale". I bought the elephant pop and play about 3 weeks ago with their 3 for 2 offer and it was £19.99 then without being in the sale. It now says it's down from 39.99 to 19.99!!

      • Hayley J.

        Some of the prices are shocking! They aren't good deals at all.

        • Denise M.

          The sale price for most things is what the original price was a few days ago. Total con. They shouldn't be allowed to do it! X

          • Gail P.

            Yes same happend to me ....it's a con .

            • Joanne B.

              Think it's only 72 hours they have to keep a price before they can change it

            • Ron M.

              Oooohhhhhhh will have to have a look hun thankyou xx