Up To 70% Off Toys @ Boots.com

Up To 70% Off Toys @ Boots.com

How exciting! Some of the big retailers have started to sell off their toys in preparation for the festive season. We all know it's a good while away yet, so don't panic, you don't have to think about it yet if you don't want to. You can, however, enjoy the discounted toys you can pick up and save yourself heaps of cash on birthday presents.

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Here's a list of toys with up to 70% off:

Click and Collect your toy bargains for FREE from a Boots store near you or pay £3.50 to have it delivered to your home.

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  • Clare W.

    Good luck, everything out of stock tut xx

    • Rebecca B.

      minecraft stuff here xxx

      • Leigh W.

        there's a toot toot track in the sale xxx

        • Stacey C.

          All out of stock s

          • Robyn C.

            Same issue here

          • Tanya H.

            Useless everything I try and add to basket outta stock

            • Natalie M.

              Managed to get some play dough :)

              • Stephanie O.

                I wanted that just looked its out of stock enjoy

                • Natalie M.

                  It was the only thing I managed to get tried lots of other items I normally miss out so was quite shocked thank you

                • Jane W.

                  Managed to get the elc floor piano.. Been wanting one of these for my youngest for ages.

                  • Katherine M.

                    Christmas shopping is finished and all wrapped in my house. Xx

                    • Stephanie O.

                      I wish i havent even thought about it i normally have half by now

                    • Louise A.

                      some good bits here

                      • Kathryn O.

                        All minecraft out of stock :pensive:

                        • Sharon G.

                          Got a Thomas Take & play £10