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22 June 2010

Uno Moo The idea behind this game appeals to me, a lot. It is a card/board type game designed for pre-schoolers. And from the sounds of it, one that may be lots of fun for older siblings and adults to play too. are selling Uno Moo for half price, at £7.49. Delivery is free.

The aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your barnyard animals. You do this by matching colours and figures. Once you are down to your last piece, yell out Uno Moo! Pre-schoolers love yelling so there's definite appeal there. It is the little ones version of a game called Uno, which is a card game played with a special pack of cards. Personally, I've never heard of it, which is surprising really as from the description at Wikipedia it sounds like my kind of card game!

Uno Moo 2On the educational front, the game helps children learn about taking turns, and the concept of winning. Hopefully it will also help them learn the invaluable social skill of becoming a gracious winner, and loser. It also helps with colour recognition and matching. The set includes one play-and-store barn, 28 animal figures, and a farmer figure. The recommended age from the manufacturer, Mattel, is from three upwards. Toys R Us give it a recommended age of three to six.

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