Large LEGO Storage Head Just £8.99 @ Studio

Large LEGO Storage Head £8.99 @ Studio

My daughter was given LEGO for her birthday this year and as soon as she opened it, I was already regretting it! The pieces go everywhere, and I mean everywhere!

I wanted something for her to store it all in that looked fun and was big enough to hold it all. I ended up buying a Large LEGO Storage Head. It looks great and holds it all!

Over at Studio you can pick up a Large Lego Storage Head for the bargain price of just £8.99!

At other places these Large Storage Heads retail for up to £10 more than the Studio price so this is certainly a bargain!

What I love most about this range of Storage Heads is the fact that not only do they function as a storage system, they also stack with other Storage Heads which also makes them a fun toy. They look great and no doubt your little one will enjoy collecting the other Storage Heads in the range to stack together.

This is one of those items that you can keep by for Christmas, I haven't seen them as cheap as this before so it is definitely worth grabbing before they sell out.

Plus all new customers can get FREE home delivery when you enter the code 040 found on our Vouchers Page.

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  • Laura C.

    I just ordered 2 of these as this is a great price!!!

  • Anne H.

    good find xx

  • Lauren W.

    thats mass cheap! X

    • Karen D.

      Really cheap!!

  • Scott W.

    4.99 delivery!!

  • Helen P.

    I got free delivery with the code 040 not sure if it works for everyone?

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