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Have you got a special picture that your little one has drawn you? You could laminate it to keep it pristine, but it kind of loses it's effect some how. I have came across a fantastic American Site that will turn your child's drawings into a cuddly toy. What better way to display your child's work or to gift it to a grandparent.

I just had to share this with all of you because I am amazed. As much as it's a novelty service, by the looks of previous toys made, they are really good.

Standard Size Toys (28-33cm) are £48, and shipping is £9. Large Size Toys (38-40cm) are £57 , plus the shipping charge of £9. It's not cheap but it's not like you will be getting  every drawing by your child made into a toy.

They ship worldwide which is super. The three steps are as follows for the 1. Email a photo of your child's drawings to the company, 2. They will hand make your toy. 3. You will be sent your toy.

If you do have that special first drawing done by your child then this is ideal to make it into a reality and is a fantastic keepsake to have.



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