Transformers Toys £4.93 @ The Hut

transformers Transformers - robots in disguise!

If you're of a certain age you'll now be singing "Transformers - robots in disguise!" and hearing that sound the robots make when they transform.  If you're not of  a certain won't have been enthralled by the original cartoon series that used to be on TV.

"Transformers used to be a cartoon on TV when you were young mum?  Really?  WOW!  We didn't realise they were that old...." yeah, thanks for that then kids.

I was never a Barbie person which is why I tend to leave those deals to the others - I had the ambulance transformer when I was about 10 and I LOVED playing with him; he was just far too cool and I even used to try and make the noise when I was transforming him from vehicle to robot form.

So, happy days upon discovering these Transformers at The Hut whose prices have been transformed from £15.99 down to just £4.93!

transformers2With a mix of Autobots and Decepticons to choose from, at these prices you could buy enough to be able to stage your own Transformer battle could even let the kids play with them too!

Thanks to TDALAKIS over at HUKD!

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