Transformers Devastator £54.99 @ Argos

9 February 2011

transformerDevestator Argos have reduced the price of this Transformers Devastator set from £99.89 down to £54.99. It's selling for £169.99 on and a lot more on eBay (crazy).

The Transformers are cool. They were cool before they hit the big time in Hollywood, when they were just a cartoon series on TV back in the day.

The Decepticons were such villains and with this Transformers Devastator set six of them combine together and transform into one MEAN BAD GUY.

And this evil dude has electronic lights and all sorts going on, as a result he needs two AA batteries which are included (can't be all bad then...).

Even though this Transformers Devestator set is out of stock for home delivery I decided to write it anyway.

I've run a fair few postcodes from around the country through and it seems to be in stock in a lot of stores, so you should get 'lucky' even if you have to drive 10 miles or so to an Argos that's slightly further away.

If you havne't heard of icheckstock and you regularly shop at Argos then you might want to check it out for yourself; they check the stock in all 700 Argos stores with just one postcode search, and list them all in order starting with the one closest to you.

It's much quicker than searching by individual postcode or up to five different stores at a time on the Argos site.


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