Transformers Deluxe Optimus Prime £10.99 @ Argos

11 July 2010

Transformers Deluxe Optimus Prime 1 Transformers. More than meets the eye! Transformers. Robots in disguise! Well at least that's how the theme tune went as far as my memory can recall. Amazing that all these years later, Transformers are once more hugely popular. Argos are selling an Optimus Prime costume for half price, marked down from £21.99 to £10.99.

If you don't know, Optimus Prime is the good guy in the Transformers universe. At least I think he is. It's been a long time since I've seen the TV show and I haven't seen the movies. Neither, as far as I know, has my son. And yet he hero worships Optimus Prime! Maybe it is one of those picking it up in the playground things.

It is described, on the website, as a deluxe padded print suit and full ABS mask designed for 5 to 7 year olds. However, on the customer reviews one buyer has commented that it only just fit their average sized 6 year old.

I am not sure that this costume will go down well at this time of the year. Just looking at it makes me feel hot and bothered. Maybe that's one reason for the drop in price? The one thing that annoys me is the lack of informationTransformers Deluxe Optimus Prime 2 that sites put up for these types of products. I don't need to know its dimensions. I do need to know how it does up, so I can deduce how easy it will be for my son to remove when he need to go to the loo!

Thanks to SeeBell at HUKD!

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