Toy Wooden Kitchen £78 @GLTC

GLTC have some cracking children's toys lurking in the clearance section of their washing machine website just now.

This wooden country kitchen washing machine is a stylish but practical twist on the usual plastic varieties of toy kitchens and at £39.00 (down from £65.00) it's a pretty reasonable alternative.

The matching sink is the same price,which means both items can be yours for £78.00 instead of the usual £130.

The sink measures 53cmH x 43cmW x 36cmD and comes complete with a checked splashback and a useful, realistic storage cupboard beneath the sink.

If my lads are anything to go by, little boys love playing kitchens just as much as little girls do (and why shouldn't they?) but they also love wrecking things - so wooden versions definitely appeal to me - much sturdier and altogether less likely to be yanked apart and turned into a fort or a pirate ship!

sinkThese wooden kitchen toys are definitely at the higher end of the price scale than many of the plastic versions but at these clearance prices they could make a lovely  treat for a birthday boy or girl. Or if you're inclined to start your Christmas shopping early, it's worth picking these up  while they're at this price and putting them away. Who knows, they might even work as bribes for keeping little people on their best behaviour for the rest of the year!

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