Toy Story Hornby Train £40 @ Woolworths

Toy Story Hornby Train £40 @ Woolworths

The Hornby Toy Story 3 train set usually costs around £80 so this half price deal at Woolworths is really rather good. Most of the price is probably Disney’s cut but the set seems pretty good actually, especially with the Hornby name attached.

The Toy Story 3 train set has Woody and Buzz riding to the rescue in an adventure filled scenario. The set comes with a Western style locomotive, three carriages, and a desert scene track mat that measures about 1575x1143mm.

The entire set includes one passenger car, one caboose, one box car, one Buzz figure, one Woody figure, one train controller, one track straight, one track double straight, eight track double curve, one power track and one transformer.

There doesn’t appear to be any other figures – like the Evil Doctor Porkchop – and the set is ideal for kids over the age of five. Seems pretty cool but you aren’t get a lot for your money I don’t think…

Thanks to sarah2004 at HUKD!


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