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13 June 2010

Toy Story Play dough 1 In case you hadn't noticed, there's a new Toy Story movie out this year. It has been more than a decade but those guys haven't changed a bit or aged a day! So expect to see the entire world, or at least the parts devoted to kids, flooded with Toy Story merchandising. Again. This particular toy combines two of my son's greatest loves - play dough and Toy Story! So definitely a winner. have this Toy Story set on half price right now, for £4.99.

In the set you get two 2oz dough tubs, an extruder with two dough stencils, four cookie cutters and a play mat. The extruder set works like this - it squeezes the dough through a stencil, producing a long shape. Another way to mould shapes with the dough is to use the cookie cutters. From the picture though I can't tell exactly what the shapes of the cookie cutters are meant to be. The only oToy Story Play dough 2ne I can recognise is one of the Aliens from the 'claw and grab' Rocket - 'The Claw. The Claw'. OK you're only going to get that if you've seen at least one of the first two movies! According to the manufacturer there's also Toy Story shapes in the moulds in the lids of the dough tubs, but again I can't see or find any information on what these shapes are.

The play mat is a good idea though. Great for keeping things tidy but also for your child to create his own Toy Story storyboards using the dough.

Thanks to Lucerysmum at HUKD!

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