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8 January 2011


What we have here is an ace Toy Story watch with a built-in projector for a mere $2.99 including free delivery. Yes, I am aware of the fact that this happens to be in dollars but I’ve scoured the site and checked the boxes and yes, you can nab this for a mere £2.26.

Toy Story toys were the gift du jour this Christmas, although I was really surprised that it wasn’t Buzz Lightyear or Woody who got sold out and in demand – it was Jessie and Bullseye! Needless to say, Toy Story 3 fans will adore this watch which does all sorts of fancy things and costs barely anything to buy.

The watch has a digital time display, electronic movement and an adjustable rubber wristband with a buckle. To activate the projector, press the left button and the cartoon pattern will be projected onto the watch dial. While not necessarily a proper projector, it will be entertaining enough for the kids.

Thanks to Christianstone at HUKD!

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