Toy Story 3 Lots-O-Huggin Bear £26.66 Was £39.99 @ Amazon

28 September 2013

Fans of Toy Story 3 will love this Lots-O'-Huggin Bear, and right now he's on special offer at Amazon, reduced from £39.99 to £26.66.

Suitable for children aged 4-10 years old, this toy requires 2 AA batteries but they're included. You might want to stock up on spares though. Or alternatively ensure that there are NO suitable batteries in the house for when this has driven you crazy!

Press Lotso's left paw for Live Lotso phrases and he'll responds to your voice in talk back mode. Press his right paw for Toy Lotso phrases, and tickle his left or right foot to make Lotso laugh. This also includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.

Thirty-eight Amazon customers have posted reviews of this item on the website, and here's a fairly typical one to help you decide whether it's worth snapping up:

"Brilliant addition to the Toy Story Collection series! Lotso arrived gorgeously packaged in a pink love heart box, declaring friendship and love.... but we all know he's not so sweet... he can be a tad evil at times! Ask Buzz or Woody - our kids' other toys best watch out! Lotso is interactive and responds to your voice. It'ss very soft and cuddly, and then there's that smell of strawberries!"

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