Toy Story 10 Piece Dough Set £5 @ The Toy Shop


What we have here is a fabulous Toy Story dough set that used to cost £10 but now only costs £5, a lovely half price bargain for creative Toy Story fans out there. The Toy Shop (also known as The Entertainer – not sure why they have two names) is offering this deal up with glee.

The Toy Story 10 piece dough set is ideal for kids over the age of three and comes with a dough extruder (sounds painful) and two stencils to squeeze out dough patterns. There are also Toy Story shaped cookie cutters to create the cool characters from the movie.

The lids of the pots of dough also have Toy Story mould shapes on them so you can create mini characters as well. The dough set comes with two tubs of dough and a play mat that features Woody and Buzz.

I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t have paid £10 for this Toy Story dough set, not with it only including two pots of dough. But for a fiver this has become far better value for money.

Thanks to hottiehothotter at HUKD!

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