Toy Shopping Basket With Play Food

31 March 2011

toyShoppingBasket Amazon are selling this rather fabulous little toy shopping basket, which comes complete with play food and other groceries, for £5.

This toy shopping basket took me back to being in infants school; in my class there was a big wooden wendy house and we also had a little shop, I loved playing shopping and picking up all the things off the shelves to put in my basket.

I can assure you that the novelty of this has subsequently worn off and I don't look forward to my weekly trips to Tesco in the same way.

I wonder what it is about playing with toy shopping baskets that all kids, boys AND girls, enjoy?

This particular toy shopping basket comes with a wide variety of food stuffs like cardboard boxes, milk and juice cartons, plastic tins and play fruit and vegetables, it also contains 4 sets of cutlery.

The toy shopping basket itself measures 23cm x 16cm x 12.5cm and makes the perfect role play toy and will allow for all sorts of imaginative games to be played.

Thanks to no1john at HUKD

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