​Toy Sale: Prices From £2 @ Wilko

​Toy Sale: Prices From £2 @ Wilko

Christmas can be so expensive so if you can save on Toys then that’s a huge bonus. You may not think of Wilko when it comes to buying playthings but they have a Sale on and it’s GOOD! Prices start from just £4, so you’d be mad to miss it.

Check out these amazing bargains in the Sale...

You can Click and Collect the Toys for FREE from a Wilko store near you or pay £4 to have them delivered to your home.

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  • Jane W.

    want the helicopter set !

  • Sharon L.

    . The polce station is in the sale! Bloks that is lol x

    • Amanda G.

      Purchased! :blush: 1 more done! Xx

    • Sharon L.

      Great. Someone will be very pleased!!x

  • Niki L.

    Does this interest your little S ? Saw some cute birthday sets but not if she's not into building... xxx

  • Mary F.

    Thanks I will take a look. They love their lego :slight_smile:

  • Laura M.

    I liked it cause its abit different

  • Karen D.

    Anyone bought the castle Bloks set? My youngest wants one but it's got mixed reviews

  • Dean S.

    Let's spend more money then

  • Zoe P.

    We can when we get some haha xxx

  • Valerie C.

    We have the hot air balloon and it's great. Doesn't hold up to regular playing with but fun to make and looks good

  • Daz H.

    lol I think we will leave them alone this year :joy:xxxx

  • Hannah S.

    they’ve got some good stuff on sale xx

  • Sara J.

    Cheers Hun will have a look xx

  • Jill W.

    meccano sets for Kaden x

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