Tower Of Doom £32 @ ELC

4 December 2011

The Tower of Doom at ELC tends to go on sale a lot according to the PlayPennies history, but usually around January time. So, if you fancy owning this awesome toy, then you don’t have to wait until January sales to do so, ELC have it on a half price offer already. Down to £40 from £80 there are some ace voucher codes you can use to drop the price down even further.

The Tower of Doom costs £40 without using codes, but if you use the voucher code FREEDEL then you get it delivered for free and SANTA for 20% off the price. The toy itself has pretty good reviews and doesn’t come with any of the figures included which means you will have to pay extra for the characters you need to populate the tower.

However, there is a lot of voucher code here so you could nab the characters for a discounted price and sort out an ace Christmas kit for under £60. The Tower of Doom is a tall, dark and scary castle that has two battle towers, a drawbridge, a dungeon, a bridge and plenty more!

Thanks to magpieno1 at HUKD!

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