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Oh now this is a cute little plush My First Tool Box set for a young lad - everything is soft and brightly coloured and is just £6.44 with an additional, non-extortionate, £1.90 for delivery.

It's funny, I'm not averse to gender stereotypical toys for boys, like this My First Tool Box set, but I hate play vacuum cleaners et al for girls!  If my youngest was still very young, or I knew a baby boy heading towards his first Christmas then this is something I'd buy.

The tools and tool box of this My First Tool Box plush set are all soft - if you have children of your own then you'll have experienced them inadvertently bashing themselves on the head with hard plastic tools, or something similar; the tears and upset from those little accidents is something which can be avoided if your tools are soft and lovely!

The plush tool box contains a hammer, spanner, screwdriver and pair of pliers and it zips up, keeping them all neat and tidy when they're not being played with.

The plush My First Tool Box measures approximately 18 x 17cm and each tool roughly 5 x 15cm.  More than 1,700 have been sold and the only thing I can tell you is that, at the time of writing (8.50am) there are more than 10 available - so that could be 11 or it could be 111, your guess is as good as mine!

Thanks to missgem at HUKD

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