Tomy Tickle Me Feet £10 (Was £20) @ The Entertainer

Tomy Tickle Me Feet £10

I have never seen or heard of Tomy Tickle Me Feet and I am going to be honest, it sounds bloody horrible. That means that the kids will LOVE it, of course. Get it for just £10, reduced from £20 at The Entertainer.

Tomy Tickle Me Feet is a game where you take turn to place your feet in the stocks. Spin the dial to see what Pirate Challenge you'll be given. That maybe singing without laughing while you get your feet tickled. (I was just sick in my mouth)

Comes with stock, 4 feathers, a spinner and 30 doubloons. It suitable for 2-4 players, aged 4 years old and above.

I am thankful that my cankles wouldn't fit in those stocks, because I would freak out getting my feet touched.

You can Click and Collect the Tomy Tickle Me Feet Game for FREE from a The Entertainer store near you, or pay £3.99 for Delivery.

Spend £40+ for FREE Delivery

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  • Jo T.

    Bet Reilly would love this :joy::joy:

  • Adam R.

    Not a chance in hell :joy::joy:

  • Amie D.

    buy this for Evie :joy::joy:

    • Sarah W.

      OMG she would love this!!! Why didn’t we see this before her birthday :joy::joy:

  • Nicola L.

    we should get this

  • Rachel P.

    She would do it to us but would put her feet in lol

  • John C.

    I will not be held responsible for my actions due to extreme torture!

  • Kim S.

    Oh sweet Jesus! That’s horrific! My feet are twitching just looking at it! :see_no_evil:

  • Brianna M.

    Why would they even invent a game like that :flushed: xx

  • Maxine C.

    Kids feet are cute adult feet tho boh :mask:

  • Laura K.

    They look like they’re having a good time, but you just don’t know!!!

  • Sarah M.

    I would be asleep in seconds! What a game xx

  • Sarah G.

    I’d literally rather be tortured! I feel sick thinking about this!

  • James T.

    This would be the worst thing ever

  • Una B.

    Oh.....i couldnt even buy him this game... :joy::joy::thinking:

  • Julie B.

    Yes that's not a game.thats torture.x

  • Lynn S.

    Oh ad love love love that!

  • Nataliiee L.

    That's disgusting why would even want anyone to play with you feet :no_mouth:

  • Rosie F.

    Hahahaha this is literally my worst nightmare

  • Lee W.

    That would be my ultimate torture!!

  • Jackie H.

    I’m running away if the bairns get that

  • Robert W.

    Hahaha this could be funny

  • Claire G.

    Oh my god not a chance x this is a devil game :rage::rage::rage:

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