Tomy Play To Learn Animuddles £6.49 @ Amazon

Tomy Play To Learn Animuddles £6.49 @ Amazon

Tomy Play To Learn Animuddles 1You know what, most infants toys bored me silly.This was one of a few exceptions. Tomy Play to Learn Animuddles are also on special offer at Amazon for £6.49, reduced from £14.99.

Infant toys are usually great for the baby but not so much fun for the grown up who has to play with them. Animuddles are one that I had a huge amount of fun with! I never did get one for my son, but when we stayed with friends we played with their set. If I had seen them for this price I probably would have snapped some up.

The idea behind the game is to match the correct halves of the sheep, cow and duck to trigger the correct animal sound (for example, "Baa Baa"). Mismatch the animal halves and animal will make a hybrid animal sound, which will keep children amused for ages (nothing seems as funny to an 18 month old as "Baa Quack" or maybe that was just my son!).

Compact in size, just right for little one's hands. Suitable for ages 12 months+. Batteries are included. The box contains: one cow head and cow body; one duck head and body; one sheep head and body.

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