Tomy Foam Cone Factory Toy £12.98 @ Amazon Seller: Shoppingmall_24

Tomy Foam Cone Factory Toy £12.98 @ Amazon Seller: Shoppingmall_24

Ever seen the Tomy Foam Cone Factory Toy? It's a very popular toy and regularly sells out. It's £20 at House of Fraser and The Entertainer which is worth it. However, we don't like to pay full price for anything. Amazon Seller shoppingmall_24 have this great bath toy for just £12.98.

The Tomy Foam Cone Factory Toy is brilliant fun for bathtime. It's really easy to use - simply add a few drops of bubble bath, pull the lever a few times to get the foam flowing and swirl it into the plastic cones that are included. It's like a little 'Mr Whippy' Ice-Cream Machine.

Hand on heart, the Tomy Foam Cone Factory is one of the most played with toys I have ever owned or bought. Seriously, it's stuck on the wet wall in our boys' bathroom and we all have a go of it when having a bath.

You can have the Tomy Foam Cone Factory Toy delivered for FREE if you have Amazon Prime or are spending £20+. If you aren't a Prime member and you don't want to spend as much as £20, then delivery is £3.99.


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  • Kirsty C.

    My daughter loves hers

    • Rebecca M.

      great price :) first Christmas present bought :)

      • Jolene W.

        It looks so cool! Lol there's no way I could wait until Christmas!

        • Rebecca M.

          Lol Ryan has warned me I better wait

        • Kodie W.

          bet i know a little miss whod like this x

          • Leanne Y.

            Aww love it, may put it on the Xmas list tho as she has so many bath toys at the minute haha xx

          • Sarah T.

            - to put away for Christmas this year x

            • Fiona S.

              Oh wow I want it for myself

              • Lisa M.

                Does anyone know if this is noisy!?

                • Emily C.

                  No not really noisy it makes a foamy noise if that makes sense when you pull the handle but nothing else

                  • Lisa M.

                    Thank you! My boys love bath toys but they were given the elc bubble frog which is noisy my eldest had hypersensitivity and it terrifies him! Looks like this could be a hit! X

                  • Natalie J.

                    Thx ! Ordered !