Tomy Foam Cone Factory £12.57 @ Amazon

Tomy Foam Cone Factory £12.57

Want something special for your little one? Grab them a Tomy Foam Cone Factory! It's one of the best Bath Toys you can buy - heck, I reckon it's one of the best toys ever!

Amazon have it at the best price yet - £12.57, so if you now's the time to get one for Christmas.

The Tomy Foam Cone Factory isn't a new toy on the shelves, but it's popularity doesn't waiver as it's just a really, really good toy.

Its a simple concept, a squirt of bubble bath in the cornet at the top, pull the lever a few times and out comes the foam like Mr Whippy Ice-Cream. You get little plastic cones to fill with your froth too.

This is played with every bath time, by my two year old, eight year old, ten year old, 32 year old husband and by myself too. It's fun and rather therapeutic.

A word of warning - these were very hard to get nearer to Christmas last year, so don't leave it too long to put this in your basket.

You can have the Tomy Foam Cone Factory delivered for FREE if you have Amazon Prime or are spending £20+. If you aren't a Prime member and you don't want to spend £20+, then delivery is £3.99.

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  • Victoria C.

    Do u just put normal bubble bath in this does anyone know plz x

    • Katy L.

      Shampoo works too lol x

  • Sarah P.

    £12.57 at tesco!

  • Annabel P.

    this would be great.

  • Laura W.

    .. I've just ordered this!!.x

  • Lauren S.

    My crab thing doesn't make foam, just like bubbles, this creates like foam that looks like ice cream and you get comes with it X

  • Becky P.

    Great, thanks!! X

  • Hayley H.

    Brought this for my son's 1st birthday as he loves playing in the bath. Both my 3 year old and him love playing with it. And take it in turns to make ice creams for mummy and daddy lol. It's very good. And great for their imagination xx

  • Amy O.

    My daughter has this for xmas last yr shes 6 now and still lives it and so does my 14month old little girl now. Just use normal bubble bath then add water wait few minutes and make your 99's!!

  • Laura T.

    i think issy would like this. Saw an advert this morning for it x

  • Sarah P.

    this is a great price for this x

  • Lynne F.

    I'm on it now ?! :joy: x

    • Vicky F.

      Thanks, me n izz want it but I want it more! Then I can eat the bubble bath n it not look wired lolol X :thumbsup:

    • Lynne F.

      ha ha just ordered it for izzy for xmas and another one for either milo or maggie xx

  • James H.

    She would love it!!

  • Jo L.

    :blush: birthday idea x

  • Nicola H.

    Coby would like this :icecream::icecream:

  • Stephanie B.

    - this is ace if you don't already have it. Ours loved it until Lola fell on it :joy:

  • Carol-Ann C.

    Oh good find

  • Chez D.

    OK thank you :smiley: xxx

  • Lisa B.

    - Mia would like this from santa. X

  • Jan T.

    Looks fun

  • Samantha M.

    this looks fun for the girls xx

  • Lee-Ann R.

    Annabelle would love this, Jonah too! Great reviews!

  • Louise H.

    got this for pops :heart_eyes:

  • Kelly O.

    Lyla loves hers a really good price x

  • Samantha C.

    max would love this!!! X

  • Kelly B.

    another present for Leo xx Mika will love it to Ryan does xx

  • Siobhan P.

    Already got this tucked away for aurora x

  • Clare R.

    Mint :grinning:

  • Natasha W.

    Not so great with the delivery charge though nearly takes it to £20 may aswell buy from Argos and pay around £1 more

  • Megan S.

    Go on

  • Nat A.

    Looks ace!

  • Emma S.


  • Nicola M.

    this is the thing Ava has asked for XxX

  • Rachel D.

    We got one on March for little one and she adored it...until it just stopped working! Currently trying in to communicate with tomy about it but they are very slow at responding!

  • Wendy H.

    Just ordered thanks can't wait to get it for my little man's up coming 3rd birthday :blush:

  • Chez D.

    will get this as a stocking filler :-) xxx

  • Danielle R.

    just got this for Darcey x

  • Sally W.

    I know two girls who would absolutely love this :grinning::joy::icecream::icecream::icecream:

  • Paula M.

    It's not £12.57 it's coming up at over £15!!!

  • Guiseppe R.

    Buy it

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