Tomy Colour Doodle £10.75 @ Amazon

Tomy Colour Doodle £10.75 @ Amazon

tomyDoodle1Here's something for you if the Thomas and Percy Megasketcher didn't appeal...

No more being restricted to doodling in black and white for your little one, OH NO! Now they can doodle away to their heart's content in full-blown technicolour, well, full-blown four-colour anyway.

The blurb for this Tomy colour doodle says it's the only magnetic drawing 'thing' that, and I quote, "...allows children to create fun drawings in 4 colours!" Really?  I thought there were a few coloured magnetic drawing toys around, maybe I'm wrong about that (it doesn't happen very often, thank goodness!).

tomyDoodle2What can I tell you about this?  Well, it does, and comes with, all the things that other magnetic doodling things do - it has a pen, it has shape stampers and you can rub everything, start again and create as many masterpieces as you like....BUT IN FOUR COLOURS *grin*

Reviews are excellent - which is what you'd expect from Tomy - and these things are always guaranteed to be a winner with little ones.

Amazon have reduced it from £14.67 to £10.75 so not a massive saving, but it's a saving all the same.

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!


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