Tomy Animuddles £6.49 @ Amazon

23 June 2010

animuddles2 HA! I love these, they're just far too cute

Tell me this isn't a cute and simple idea for a baby toy that little tiny tots won't absolutely adore! You said it just to 'say' it didn't you...

So the principle is this - the top halves are detachable from the bottom half of each Animuddle and when you put them back together they make a sound that corresponds to the animal that it is.

So match the cow pieces and your little one will be rewarded with a MOOOO; put the sheep halves together and the result is a resounding BAAAAAAA! in return for your efforts. There's a little chick too, 'CHEEP, CHEEP!'

Do you know the thing I like about these Tomy Animuddles the most (apart from the fact they remind of the Weebles I had when I was little)?  If you put the wrong top half with the wrong bottom half they STILL make sounds.

animuddles1So put the cow with the sheep and you'll get a 'MOOOO-BAAAAAA!' I do like it when kids are allowed to 'think out of the box' and if your tiny tot is anything like  mine all were, they'll get MORE pleasure from mixing and matching!

Amazon have reduced these little guys from £14.99 to £6.49 and delivery is free, as always, with the super Amazon SuperSaver deal.

Thanks to MikeT over at HUKD!

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