Toffee The Pony £39.99 @ Amazon

Toffee The Pony £39.99 @ Amazon


Toffee the Pony is quite a popular toy for kids at the moment and I’ve heard at least two kids in my daughter’s class rave about it. The Amazon price is £10 cheaper than anywhere else at £39.99 and it comes with free delivery.

Toffee the Pony comes across as really “real”. He needs love and care and even wakes up, opens his eyes and greets you whenever you visit him or cuddle him. He neighs and wants to play, calls for food and even chews the food that you bring him.

You can stroke and brush him to calm him down, especially if he hears a loud noise – that will make him tremble and close his eyes. You can feed him to relax him too. When he’s tired he will close his eyes and soon you’ll hear that he’s fallen asleep.

The toy responds in different ways to different things every day so you never know what he’s going to do next. He comes with a toy brush and carrot and needs four AA batteries that are not included. He wriggles his ears and neighs and all sorts – how awesome!

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