Tinga Tinga Tales Toy Review


I got the Tinga Tinga Tales 15cm plush monkey for my little baby daughter.It was the monkey model, which you can see here on Amazon, made by Bandai.

I've seen the cartoon a few times when I was at my sister's house, so I recognised the monkey character from the show.

When I gave the Tinga Tinga Tales toy to baby, she had a little giggle as she seemed to find the Monkey rather amusing. Every time she looked at his face, she laughed. I'll admit it's a pretty cute toy.

And when she got hold of the toy, Monkey went straight to her mouth, of course! She was particularly fond of chewing on his hands and tail.

Baby was also very fascinated by the pattern on the monkey's tail. It's a pattern of embroidered colours, kind of like you see on those famous aboriginal drawings from Australia. That attracted her attention and kept her occupied for quite a while.

When I picked him up again, he was pretty soggy so I just popped him on the radiator to warm up and dry out a bit. I won't pop him in the washing machine though, as he says "surface washable only" on his label. Monkey is suitable from ago zero onwards.

And I will finish up this review with a quick video of when I gave Monkey to my daughter.

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