Timmy Time 10 Inch Talking Soft Toy £7.49 @ Amazon

Ptimmy If I hadn’t already spent half my annual budget on these deals I keep finding I would so be buying this adorable doll. We all love Timmy Time in our home, the humour is brilliant and the characters just fabulous. You save £2.50 off the usual retail price from Amazon and the £7.49 includes free delivery.

Just look at his eyes! So cute. If I bought this it would probably be for myself although I must confess that I find the title song impossible to get out of my head. But I digress...This doll is approximately 25cm tall and if you squeeze his tummy you’ll hear the infamous Timmy “Baaaa.”

For those of you not yet in the know, Timmy Time is a series of cartoons about a little lamb that starts goinPtimmy2g to pre-school. The show tackles issues facing little ones as they learn to share and figure out the world, many of these situations will be amusingly recognisable to parents.

The doll includes batteries and is deliciously soft (my friend nabbed one for Christmas) and will make your little Timmy addict smile.

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!

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  • Haidar D.
    Excellent find :D

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