Little Tikes Large Car Carrier £19.99 @ Toys R Us

24 September 2010

Little Tikes Large Car Carrier This is one of those annual bargains that Toys R Us does so well. A nice, chunky toy that's just right for a toddler starting to explore the world, the Little Tikes Large Car Carrier has been reduced from £39.99 to £19.99.

When both my son and my step son were pre schoolers they loved loading and unloading cars from vehicles like this. At the age of one my son was already showing his preference for playing with cars by getting anything that looked remotely car shaped, like a square block, and pushing it across the floor making vroom vroom noises.

I got him a car carrier from the Early Learning Centre, and it has lasted well. It, and the cars it carried, are still going today. But it wasn't really appropriate for him at that age. I think he's have much preferred something he could better grip with his little chubby hands!

The Large Car Carrier from Little Tikes includes two sports cars for you to transport. It also features a flip down ramp to get your vehicles easily onto the carrier.

Thanks to nibrows at HUKD!

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