Little Tikes Inside And Outside Kitchen £64.99 @ Adventure Toys

Little Tikes Inside And Outside Kitchen £64.99 @ Adventure Toys

The massive Little Tikes Inside and Outside Kitchen is reduced from £129.99 to £64.99 at Adventure Toys, and there’s a £7.50 delivery charge.  There are a few things to consider if you’re going to buy this though, so read on.

This is a massive play kitchen and has so much potential, assuming you have the space for it. It’s double sided and has a window with removalbe flowers into or out of the ‘house’.

The kitchen side has a sink, dishwasher, oven and hob that makes cooking sounds, and there are shelves, a microwave and a storage cupboard. The fridge has a magnetic door and above it is a coffee maker with a ‘magic pouring’ coffee pot – which I think means it makes sounds.

The ‘outside’ has a barbeque grill that lights up and sizzles like a grilling fire. There’s a table area to serve food up on as well as a separate bench for siting on.

The accessory pack that comes with it contains a chef’s hat, magnets (for the fridge), barbeque food, cutlery, crockery and pots.

It does require 3AA batteries and 3D batteries, and because of electronics can’t actually be left outside.

But here’s the catch: these are reduced because they are ‘seconds’ or demo models. They may have damaged boxes, and the oven or dishwasher doors may not close fully – although they do apparently stay closed and open without any problems.

If you think that’s something your little one can live with, this is a great price.

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