Little Tikes Barbeque Set £19.99 @ TOYS R US

5 August 2010

bbq1 I'm not one for gender stereotyping toys, but this Little Tikes barbeque set is just the perfect thing for little cooks (especially boy ones).

My youngest has ALWAYS loved playing with toy kitchens and pretending to cook lots of lovely things.  He's never had a kitchen of his own and had to content himself to playing with the very pink girly ones, that are either at nursery or at friends' houses.

I've yet to see a decent unisex kids' kitchen toy.  I mean, you don't see Jamie Oliver cooking in a pink kitchen do you! You don't see Gary Rhodes creating cullinary masterpieces in a kitchen that's been styled to look like the castle from Sleeping Beauty!

So the boys are getting a bit of a rough deal in the cooking toys department.  Hurrah, then, for this Little Tikes 'Get Out N Grill' Barbeque Set, complete with accessories, from Toys R Us!

It's gender friendly - girls will be just as happy playing with this as boys, and it's half price at Toys R Us (or instore at T J Hughes apparently, if you have one of those near you) having been reduced from £39.99 down to £19.99.

bbq2It has a little cupboard underneath to store all the bits and pieces in. The grid has a lid, there's a side burner and sink and it comes with a hamburger, a hot dog and their resepective buns along with a pair of tongs and a spatula.

Fortunately, food poisining and burnt food are not included!

Thanks to Zobobump over at HUKD!

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