Tickle 'N Giggle Fifi £12.49 @ Play.com

14 June 2010

fifi The much loved Fifi can be brought home with all her giggles for a mere £12.49! Your child will laugh and smile with glee when they tickle her feet and chin, and even whisper secrets into her ears to hear her giggle and wiggle. For £12.49 including free delivery, this really is a bargain, especially since everywhere else it's around £24.99 and you're getting a lush 50% off! 

This doll is soft and cuddly and will giggle with glee whenever you poke and prod those tickly bits. Kids will loooove her. Especially if the giggle is as addictive and funny as our kids' laughs!

fifi2You might be thinking, why does my child need another doll? This one isn't just a doll, it's interactive, and giggles like a friend.Cuddling this cute little Fifi will comfort your little ones and cheer them up on a particularly tough or gloomy day. We've all had an attachment to that favourite toy, and this may well be another to add to the favourites pile.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!

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