Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island Playset £48 @ Amazon / Tesco Direct

Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island £48

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Today has seen a BIG price drop on one of the Top Toys for Christmas 2015, as Tesco has dropped the price of the Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island down to only £48, and Amazon have matched the price!

If this is on the Christmas list of anyone that you know then you will be very pleased that it's so much cheaper than it's RRP of £79.50, and you also get free delivery with it from Amazon, or use the Clubcard Boost at Tesco!

This updated version of the iconic Tracy Island toy is a tie in with the new ITV show Thunderbirds Are Go, and it's packed full of features:

Based on the world famous base, it uses the latest in smart technology to recreate the launch sequences that you see in the show. Put on the International Rescue Communicator and take command of the Thunderbird fleet. Tracy Island is packed with over 40 action and rescue sounds so you really feel part of the team! Flick the switch and the palm trees will move back to make way for Thunderbird 2, Thunderbird 1 and 3 can also launch automatically and are accompanied with lights and rocket noises. The movable pool is included and you can even do some experiments in Brain's Laboratory. The Tracy Island set is a dream-come-true for Thunderbird fans!

Although that description makes it sound like the Thunderbirds vehicles are included with the set they are in fact sold separately, but they are a lot cheaper than the Island Playset, and you can get a set of all of them for less than £30.

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