Thomas The Tank Engine Watch, Camera, Binoculars Action Set Boxed £9.99 @

Here's a gift set to grab for the good old present drawer. I know we talk about the present drawer a lot but do you have one? We had one as kids and I've found it a total lifesaver now that I've got kids of my own. I just grab affordable birthday presents when I find them, and I keep them in a drawer. Great because you don't have to rush around looking for presents and you can give quite good presents because you can buy when they're on sale. Like this Thomas The Tank Engine Watch, Camera, Binoculars Action Set, which is half price on Down from £19.99 to £9.99. Delivery is included.

Now it is time to reveal the little secret about this gift set. Despite the name has given it on the website it is in fact a Trainspotter Kit. Yes! It is a Thomas the Tank Engine themed trainspotter set. Still what little kid is really going to care, as long as it has binoculars? Could be fun to see the look on their parents' faces though when the read the packaging.

There's no information at all about the product on the website. So there aren't any other details for me to give you I'm afraid.

Thanks to userbilly664 at HUKD!

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