Thomas The Tank Engine Rotating Eyes Wall Clock £9.95 @ Zavvi

18 July 2010

clock "PEEP PEEP! It's time to go!" says Thomas.

I haven't posted any Thomas the Tank Engine deal for quite a while (well it feels like it anyway) and whilst there are numerous Thomas wall clocks up for grabs on the market, this one is probably my favourite.

There's not a HUGE amount I can tell you about it - I mean, it's a clock! It's round and it has two hands, a big one and a small one, and they point to any one or two of the 12 numbers on the face!

Facitiousness aside, this Thomas the Tank Engine wall clock features Thomas on the front (obviously) and his eyes ROTATE!

Maybe I'm easily pleased but with my vast experience of watching Thomas the Tank Engine on VHS and DVD over the years, his rolling of eyes when he gets all excited is one of his endearing character traits.

thomas2If you've got a little Thomas fan then this rotating eyes wall clock will help them learn to tell the time and could just see them rolling their OWN eyes in excitement, just like Thomas.

Zavvi have reduced the price of this cute little clock from £14.99 down to £9.95 and all orders within the UK are freee.


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