Thomas The Tank Engine Party Bag Ideas

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Bag Ideas

Thomas Tank Party BagsParty Bags coming out signal the end of the party, normally, so it's fitting that they should take pride of place as the last post in our Thomas party week. Party bags, goodie bags, or whatever you call them can be a bone of contention between party planning mums, and some see them as one upmanship. I don't see them that way at all. I love doing goodie bags, and I love my girls giving them out at the end of their parties as a thank you to their friends for coming.

Personally, I am not a fan of 'tat'. I like stuff that's not going to be headed for landfill by dinner time. That means I normally have to start planning and looking out for goodie bag fillers quite early on, so that I can grab bargains and use things like Amazon Add-ons over the period of months.

For a Thomas party, I loved the variation in the goodie bags pictured above. From the simple DIY from a printed picture and some coloured bags, to the (apparently also DIY!) drawstring bags to the simply brilliant goodie 'cup'*, these are all great ideas, and will depend on your budget. I like a smaller bag so you can fill it with less, but more decent things.

bubblesA real easy win with goodie bags is bubbles. They don't have to be Thomas themed, but if you really wanted to, you could print out label sized stickers with a thank you note on them, and a train, and stick them to the bubbles. You can buy 24 bubble pots* for £2.99, so not a huge expense. I liked the colours on these too, the fit in with Thomas and his friends.

Thomas and Friends Sticker FunStickers are another really easy win. I sometimes buy a book and put a page in each goodie bag, but actually the Thomas and Friends Sticker Fun* set at Amazon is already in strips, so that's pretty cool - though a bit more expensive, so possibly not ideal if you have a lot of friends coming.

Goodie bag fillers

I also often find that buying and splitting sets works out a lot more cost effective. A great example is this Thomas art set. It is advertised as 19 pieces - I'd probably take the 3 pictures out - and split the water colour paints; coloured pencils; pencil; pencil sharpener; eraser and paintbrush into different goodie bags. All useful, usable things, that won't break my bank at (currently) £2.90.

Thomas ChocolateThose are just some simple and easy goodie bag fillers for you.  You could add soaps, chocolates or sweets, if you felt  like being very creative. Otherwise, just finish it off with a personalised chocolate bar.

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