Thomas the Tank Engine Elsbridge Adventure Set £16 @ Tesco Direct

Thomas Down from £40 to only £16 this is a hard bargain to beat and I’ve slapped on the Deal of the Day label because it’s so hot, its steaming.  The Elsbridge adventure set is available from Tesco direct and you get 32 Clubcard points to boot. 

This set comes with a Thomas engine, switchable track, a buffer and a sign to a new destination. The batteries are not included and it is fab for kids over the age of three. It’s a good starter kit for kids embarking on the trackmaster adventures.

I can only assume those are pound signs as parents fork out for more and more additions to the set. But hold firm! Perhaps they too will be on offer soon. Essentially this kit also has key destinations for Thomas to visiThomas2t including the mountain, Elsbridge station, and more. 

User reviews give it a 9 out of 10 thumbs up as it is easy to assemble, fun to use and can be expanded to make all sorts of different track styles. 

Thanks to Toasthduk at HUKD!

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