Thomas The Tank Engine Dinner Set £2.99 @ Play

Play are selling this Thomas the Tank Engine dinner set for £2.99 instead of £6.99; from experience, I know this will put a smile on the face of any young Thomas fan.

Both my sons were great fans of Thomas the Tank Engine.  My youngest has just grown out of him now - apparently Thomas isn't for 'big boys', he's all of five and a half! - and so Thomas is now forever consigned, for me, to the place where happy memories live.

Both boys had Thomas the Tank Engine dinner sets and both of them, on occasion, would get MOST upset if their favourite plates happened to be getting a soaking in the dishwasher when it was time for them to have something to eat; very bad planning on my part!

The bowl and plate with this Thomas the Tank Engine dinner set are made of melamine, and the beaker from hard plastic.  I can't find any information as to whether or not everything can go in the dishwasher - I imagine the plate and bowl can, probably the beaker too but you can never be sure with those sometimes.

There's no delivery to pay with Play if you live on the UK mainland, so £2.99 is your total outlay.

Thanks to melissab32 at HUKD

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