Thomas The Tank Engine Bridges & Tunnels Set £32 @ Tesco Direct

thomas You can NEVER have too much Thomas stuff - no....really, you can't!

What else can I say about Thomas that hasn't already been said?  Erm....he's blue and his main aim in life is to be a 'really useful engine'.

This 'Thomas wish' can come in very handy when faced with a toddler who is set on being anything BUT useful, "Thomas would probably want to put all of his toys away don't you think....?" There are worse role models to have in life when you're aged between two and four!

So when he's not being a really useful role model for your little monster he's providing hours of fun with this fab Bridges and Tunnels set - there are 62 pieces and it features the, seemingly, obligatory lights and sounds that most toys have these days.

thomas-the-tank-engine1It also comes with Thomas, a tunnel, a road bridge, a rail bridge, an engine wash, diecast models of Percy and Max and...MUD PUDDLE TRACKS! According to my youngest these bits of track are going to be the BEST tracks E V E R!   So easily won over with the word mud.

The original price for this set was £80 so I reckon it's safe to say they aren't going to hang around for long priced at £32.  I'd scoot on over to Tesco Direct now if you're thinking about buying this - delivery is free if you get it delivered to a store otherwise normal delivery charges apply.

Thanks to nkje02 over at HUKD!

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  • BungleMc
    These are scanning at £20 instore, I just got one from Tesco in Haslingden (Lancs) and there were 3 left on the shelf.
  • Sarah K.
    All Lancashire peeps get yourselves down to Haslingden PRONTO! Well, three of you anyway... Thanks for letting us know!

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