Thomas At The Station £8.99 @ Tomy

Thomas It’s time to get your day started! Get those deliveries around the island of Sodor! Panicking because you don’t have a train? Never fear, Thomas is here and he’s down from £17.99 to £8.99 at Tomy. Awesome.

Thomas is verrry busy on the Island of Sodor. He’s making all of his Really Very Important deliveries and he may need your help to get everything done on time. Well, not you, your kids. If you have a Thomas fan lurking in your house then this will send them over the edge of joy.

The set comes with tracks, Maithwaite Station and if you flick the switch you can drive Thomas around the track. You can even expand the set by adding new Track Master destinations and making your track even bigger.Thomas2

If we had more space in our house I would so get this set. I love the idea of my daughter having a cute little train set to play with. I remember having hours of fun with these when I was a kid, the adventures we used to have were amazing.

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