Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Thomas Sky High Bridge Jump Playset £48.99 @ Toys R Us

Thomas Sky High Bridge Jump £48.99

Got a Thomas fan at home? They will go crazy for this huge Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Thomas Sky High Bridge Jump Playset and it's down to it's lowest price yet! This set is still selling for the full £130 at Debenhams, but now it's just £48.99 at Toys R Us! There's even free delivery too!

This play set is absolutely huge as over three feet tall and eight feet long, so it's going to wow the kids for definite!

For this unique adventure Thomas has to get to the mainland but the bridge is out, so he gets a lift from Harold the Helicopter spiralling up the high ramp and them launches into the air flying over two feet to reach his landing point!

This set will work with existing Trackmaster sets so kids can build their own big adventures, and it's a cracking set for less than £50! If I had the room in my teeny tiny house I would be snapping this one up for my youngest!

Standard delivery is free of charge, or you can also click and collect for free if that's more convenient for you.

Thanks to Mikayeel130882

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  • Alyson T.

    Aww fab I will have nosey thanks xx

  • Zoë B.

    Yep it was the one that took up most of my living room at Christmas :joy:

  • Wendy A.

    I got this in smyths toy store for £49.99

  • Steven M.

    Ohhhhhhhh he will like this

  • Laura H.

    I cld not have a track that size lol x

  • Joel D.

    That's too old for him.........we can get one though and get rid of the coffee table

  • Kaiyliegh R.

    it looks amazing :grin:might need a bigger house with all the track :thinking::joy:

  • Dani T.

    Brilliant! Although we are getting Noah the super track for Xmas! But this could work for his bday!

  • Paula T.

    God thats cheap. Its normally over £100 x

  • Terri J.

    That's really cheap as was going to get it at Christmas but was £120!! Il speak to alex:wink: xx

  • Carilyn O.

    Aww man this is what he wants but i refused pay £120 thanks xxxx

  • Natalie M.

    And where is it supposed to live :joy:

  • Rachel B.

    you could get 2 link them together and out the window :joy::joy:

  • Margaret A.

    Just got it mrs thank you :smiley::smiley::smiley: xxx

  • Margaret A.

    Iv no idea where all these santa toys going :joy::joy::joy: xxx

  • Ellen J.

    Omg my house is gonna be taken over with these :tired_face:

  • Emma S.

    Oh wow that's a bargain price

  • Linzi E.

    He's no chance. No room lol

  • Liann H.

    John has declared he's too old for Thomas now :disappointed: Still train mad but into diesels.... great westerns are his fave!! :smiley:

  • Kayleigh A.

    Nah they got this one all ready it's really good but huge x

  • Vivienne A.

    I need an extension lol xx

  • Carilyn O.

    Yeyyyy purchased for crimbo x thanks xx hes over wet him self wen he ses this bless him x

  • Lucy H.

    just bought it :see_no_evil: can change my mind yet but it was £100 when it was his birthday and he kept asking for it!!!! x

  • Kerry M.

    Haha this actually looks fun!!! :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Jessica W.

    Saw this deal earlier today and now had to rush to buy it as Playpennies has featured it :joy: you're really battering my plastic today :joy:

  • Katie C.

    I'm always on the look out for bargains lol xx

  • Nicola G.

    Great price but my hose not big enough lol

  • Steph F.

    :open_mouth: Freddie would love it xxxx

  • Stephanie J.

    I'm glad it's track master and not take n play or else I'd have been tempted...!! :p

  • Naomi C.

    Oh god don't. We have just spend 50 on a cars 3 scalectric! He's not been that bothered about trains recently. He loves his cars x

  • Sat G.

    He would but I don't think I can handle anymore toys in the house!

  • Lizzie B.

    Ahhh he'll love it :heart_eyes: x

  • Mandy K.

    Lol can picture it over living room

  • Eddy G.

    Theres a 5 pound of voucher aswell on the site bargain for a joint present for boys more than half price of we need to buy while offer is on

  • Kate A.

    Yes Jake would love that!!! X

  • Steph R.

    :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: no no no no more trackmaster tracks :joy::joy::joy:

  • Victoria C.

    Yes lol I know it's massive x

  • Richard M.

    Thomas isn't looking his usual cheery self on the box!

  • Charlotte S.

    We've no more space! Thomas the tank is taking over!

  • Hannah T.

    We've bought the super station for Xmas so no more ha x

  • Cara M.

    Need an extension for all these toys!! :see_no_evil:

  • Carly W.

    He's got it babe, thanks though x

  • Hannah W.

    Where hell would I put it :joy:

  • Loz S.

    We got Lucas it last year it's on of his favourite tracks :) xx

  • Clare B.

    Cooo but too big for my pokey house x

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