Thomas & Friends 10 In A Box Puzzles £7.50 @ Debenhams

Thomas & Friends 10 In A Box Puzzles £7.50 @ Debenhams

ThomasThere are few children who aren’t crazy about Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends from Sodor so this buy from Debenhams is a real find.

Marked down from £15 to £7.50, you’re making a great saving when you get this bumper puzzle set.

Puzzles are great. You can be assured that your little one will spend hours doing them over and over again, learning vital motor skills at the same time. And mommy gets to have a few minutes with a cup of tea and a book too...

My daughter adores Thomas so the idea of getting her ten puzzles of Thomas and his fThomas Puzzleriends for so cheap is fantastic. Puzzles can be quite expensive and you often only get one ten piece puzzle for this great price. Here you get six puzzles cut into 49 pieces and four cut into 20 pieces.

These are perfect for kids aged three and up, although I must admit kids younger than that will enjoy the puzzles too. Just make sure they don’t eat the pieces!


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  • poopiebear
    my grandson is trying to order thomas 10 in a box jigsaw puzzle and we cannot seem to do it they said they would not ship to the us please advise me on what i can do thank you john