Thomas and Cranky Coal Loader £17.49 @ Toys R Us

15 August 2010

thomas2 Originally selling for £34.99, this toy is now down to £17.49 at Toys R Us. But is it worth even £35? Let’s take a look at what it offers and see if this is a toy that’s worth spending nearly £20 on.

This Thomas and Cranky Coal Loader set includes a full track, magnetic pieces (!), and is a battery operated fun machine that has Thomas load the coal, carry it to the quarry, drop it into the hopper where it falls down the chute ready for Cranky to lift up and tip into the loading bay.

The kit does come with a lot of extra bits and pieces and should offer kids plenty of fun as they take Thomas up and down the rails carrying coal. While there isn’t a lot of information about exactly what the product does, it looks as if the whole thing is automated.

thomasSo, looking at what you get and how much fun can be had, perhaps £17 isn’t too pricey? This might be a great early purchase for the “big” Christmas present.

Thanks to doodledoo at HUKD!

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  • Lynley O.
    Is it worth even £17? God no! TtTE stuff is NEVER worth what it costs. The most overpriced merchandising in the world. The problem is ... son loves the blimin stuff. And I know he'll play with it enough to get money's worth out of it. Even so, it is a total rip off. However, I did start him with the wooden railway, which fits with the cheaper ones from Ikea, Toys R Us, ELC etc. And he doesn't care if all the trains and accessories aren't all Thomas stuff.

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