Take Along Thomas Buy One Get One Free @ Toys R Us

thomasdaisy Ranging in price from £5.99 to £9.99, the entire range of Take Along Thomas toys are included in the Toys R Us BOGOF sale. You can choose from any of the popular characters and build a huge set for very little moolla.

When you’re eyeballing the list of toys please note that the carriages are not included. The price is only for the engine part of the toy.

It looks like every single one of the characters from the hit TV show are included in this range. There’s James, Stanley, D199 (who?), Daisly, Duke, Gordon, Molly, Edward, Harold, Spencer, Byron, Thomas, Percy, Henry, Murdoch, Jeremy and Emily. Phew. I hadn’t realised the cast and crew were so big...thomasjames

These toys look pretty brilliant and range in age appropriateness from two to three years. Many of them are starting to slip out of stock already so if you want to take advantage of this deal you better hurry.

Thanks to mumofthree at HUKD!

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