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With Christmas a mere 52 days away, this Thomas and Friends  Toy Box is going to come in handy for storing all of the bits and pieces Father Christmas brings your little one!

Storage. There never seems to be enough of it, no matter how many storage boxes, tubs and trugs you buy; it's almost like we think 'have storage, must fill it!'

However, there is never a time when storage is more needed than after birthdays and Christmas time - the sheer volume of toys and games that get accumulated during these annual occasions is frightening.

If you've got a little Thomas and Friends fan in your household, then you can kill two birds with one Christmas present with this Thomas and Friends wooden toy box.

This Thomas and Friends toy bos is bright and cheerful too and has two sections - if you've got twins then this is ideal! One twin can stash their things in one half, and the other twin theirs in the other!

I'm sure any young Thomas fan will be MORE than happy to put all their things away in it after a hard day playing; anything that encourages youngsters to be tidy can only be a GOOD thing!

This Thomas and Friends Toy Box should be £69.00 but those lovely folks over at Bargain Crazy want you to have it for £29.99, and as it's over £25 there won't be any delivery to pay.

Happy Storing!

Thanks to amibees over at HUKD

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