Thomas Adventure Quiz Electronic Toy £8.31 @ Amazon

26 July 2010

thomas toy Thomas the Tank Engine merchandise seems to get more and more inventive with each passing year and this particular gizmo is no exception. This is a combination of educational toy, parent-annoyer due to loud noises, and a bunch of fun.

With this toy you watch and listen to Thomas running around the track and then he stops and asks a question. You answer the question by pressing one of the answer keys. The answers are based on numbers, characters and colours and when you press the right button lights flash and sounds go off (which is why I called it a parent-annoyer, ha!).

The device includes ten illustrated scenes with 100 questions in total and comes with a volume switch and a carryhow-thomas-the-tank-engine-works-1 handle. You’ll find that the four AA batteries needed to run this toy are included with it and that it is ideal for kids aged two and up.

I would recommend investing in a ton of rechargeable batteries if you want to get products like these. They’ll save you money and they’ll save the planet.

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!

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